Best natural attractions around Gorenjska region

Gorenjska region is located in the North Western part of my beautiful homeland Slovenia. Beside capital Ljubljana and Adriatic coast it is one of most touristy parts in our country. It has a lot of top sight as well as more hidden ones. Here I would present my favourites, which consist of both – some top and even more hidden sights.

  • Peričnik waterfalls – I can say it is definitely the most impressive waterfall I have ever been to. It is located in Vrata valley and you can actually drive there. Another possibility is also taking tourist bus from Kranjska Gora, which also stops here, but only during week days. There are two waterfalls – lower and upper Peričnik waterfall. Lower waterfall can be seen from road and is rather easily accessible via steps. You need just around 5-10 minutes to get up there. It is really very magnificent especially when water level is high. You can also get around waterfall using path at the back but it can be very slippery so appropriate footwear is necessary. If you are just a bit of adventurous type I would also recommend visiting Upper Peričnik waterfall. Path leading up there is more challenging but the waterfall at the top is definitely quite rewarding.
Lower Peričnik…
an Upper Peričnik waterfall
  • Zelenci – nature reserve Zelenci is located near Kranjska Gora. It is actually a source of Sava Dolinka river. If you are coming from Kranjska Gora, the closest starting point is a parking just before turning left to Tamar/Planica. You can also walk all the way from Kranjska Gora, which will take about 30 minutes. I was deeply impressed by colours that can be seen in the water here and also by the entire scenery – this beautiful water, covering all shades of green, surrounded by magnificent mountains.
Nature reserve Zelenci
  • Lake Bohinj and Vogar – Lake Bohinj is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia. In comparison to Lake Bled it is supposed to be a bit more pristine also water is cleaner and colder. You can do a lot of water sports here – rowing, supping, kayaking and of course also swimming. To get here you must actually drive by Lake Bled and then follow road all the way to Lake Bohinj. The best view over the lake is from mount Vogar. The closest climb up the mount is from parking in Stara Fužina. Duration of climb is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. And the views from the top are amazing. Vogar is also very popular paragliding starting point. During the high season this climb is rather popular so starting early in the morning is recommended.
View from mount Vogar
…and another one
  • Martuljek watefalls – Martuljek waterfalls are located in Gozd Martuljek village (Martuljek forest). If you are coming from Kranjska Gora there is a large parking just before bridge over Sava Dolinka river. There are two Martuljek waterfalls – lower and upper one. Hike up to the lower is rather easy and the waterfall is very impressive. It is a high one and water levels during our visit were also high which combined into impressive waterfall. But hike up to the upper waterfall is categorized as difficult so if you decide to do it appropriate footwear is once again necessary. Most of the hike is located in the forest and very difficult is just the end part. This waterfall is carved into bedrock which makes it quite special and worth visiting.


…and Upper Martuljek waterfall
  • Lake Jasna – Lake Jasna is famous for its amazing scenery. All shades of green can be seen on lake’s surface and the lake is surrounded by beautiful summits. During the hot days many people go there for a swim, refreshment or kayaking. Taking photo with Goldhorn (Zlatorog) in the background is definitely mandatory thing to do.


Picture with a Goldhorn
  • Mostnica gorge (Korita Mostnice) – Starting point for visiting Mostnica gorge is parking place in Stara Fužina close to Lake Bohinj. It is a rather easy hike that includes some steep parts, which are manageable. Duration is the fact that you should take into consideration, hike to Voje waterfall and back takes around 2,5 to 3,5 h depending on your fitness level. So plan your day and activities accordingly. You can always do a shorter trip that covers only gorges. It starts at Devil’s bridge and ends at the fourth bridge (just for some orientation -admission is collected at second bridge). Along entire path you can admire beautiful gorges and turquoise Mostnica water. Water has created some unique sculptures and everything you need is just a bit of imagination. The most famous one is called the elephant.


  • Planica and Tamar valley – Planica is mostly known for hosting the final weekend of Ski Jumping World Cup each year. So the must here is climbing up the Ski-flying hill. Let me warn you – it is not an easy climb as there are many, many and then some more stairs on the way up there. One additional activity that was introduced recently is zip line, starting point is at the ramp. Over the last few years Planica has transformed into Nordic sports center and a lot of national teams are coming here during the summer.
Picture taken from Ski-flying hill
Tamar valley
  • Vršič pass and Russian chapel – Vršič pass it the only pass in Slovenia that connects two parts of the country. Most passes connect Slovenian and Austrian or Italian sides. Pass is very popular among cyclist, but it is rather demanding. On the way up there from Kranjska Gora stands Russian chapel, that was built in memory of Russian soldiers who died in snow avalanche when building the road to the top of Vršič Pass. From the road that leads up to the top of the pass there are magnificent views at surrounding mountains. You can stop and park in some places just to take everything in. From the top there can be seen a girl’s face engraved into Prisank mountain called Ajdovska deklica.


Ajdovska deklica
Views form the top of Vršič Pass


Russian Chapel
  • Savica – Savica waterfall is probably the most famous Slovenian waterfall, which is located just 10 minutes from Lake Bohinj (driving time). In my opinion it is just a bit to touristy, so I really prefer Peričnik waterfall. There is entrance fee to be paid in order to climb up to the waterfall. There are stairs so the climb is very easy, but during the summer it is usually crowded. One reason why this waterfall hasn’t impressed me as much as others is that you cannot get very close to it.

    Savica waterfall

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