Why Jordan?

Many have been asking us why have we chosen Jordan for our last trip. And as it is usual in life there is no one straightforward answer. When we told people where are we going many looked at us like we were crazy. And not many knew anything about this adorable little ‘Oasis of peace’ in the Middle East. So below are my 6 best answers to the question ‘Why Jordan?’

  • Petra – since I first saw some picture of Petra, Jordan has been very close to the top of my bucket list. Although Petra has truly blown my mind, there are so many other amazing places in Jordan that are very much worth a visit. At the end of our trip I cannot even say that Petra was the highlight of our trip. Of course it is mysterious and sooo grandiose, however Wadi Rum is a very close runner-up. I know many will decide to visit Jordan just because of Petra (we were the same), however you will not regret if you also stop somewhere else.
Petra from above
  • History – After our trip to Istanbul we had this feeling that the Middle East is a place we should visit next. Everything including the food, architecture and mostly history (Jordan is one of the countries with the richest history you can find) was so fascinating that we just could not wait to visit it. Its history is also very diverse, you can find everything from Roman ruins and biblical places to mysterious cities carved in stone.
Jerash – Roman ruins
  • Wadis – There are many Wadis along the Jordan so everyone can find his or hers favourite. Wadi actually means valley and they can be very different – in Wadi Mujib you can enjoy some canyoning and water activities, while in Wadi Dana there is no water but you will love the colours and different shapes of the walls surrounding you. The depth of the canyon is also truly remarkable. Another Wadi that I have already mentioned is Wadi Rum, which was definitely the most fascinating one. Wadi Rum is actually a desert, but not just a desert, it is a RED desert. Due to that fact, many of the movies that were happening ‘’on Mars’’ were filmed there.
Wadi Dana
Wadi Rum
  • Dead Sea – when in Jordan you just have to float in Dead Sea. The feeling is very unique and incomparable to anything I have experienced before. I would strongly advise you not to taste the water and especially try not to get it in your eyes. It hurts like hell!
Floating in Dead Sea
  • Safety – of course there are many other countries on the Middle East that we would like to visit, however the safety Jordan offers, convinced us to go there. Safety was the one topic we received the most questions on. Yes, from what we experienced, I can say that Jordan is safe. It is like there is no war just around the Syrian border, I have not feel unsafe not even for a second. That is quite an accomplishment taking into account that we went all the way to the Umm Qais in the north that lies near the Israeli – Syrian – Jordan border.
  • People – Jordanians are very nice to the strangers/tourists, which is quite surprising, especially when you know how many refugees live among them. People will start talking to you and asking you questions when they will pass you on the street. Most frequently asked questions are following: Where are you from, What is your name? and then everyone will end with ‘Welcome to Jordan!’ so you really feel welcomed.
Everyone trying to get a photo with Blaž 🙂

So to sum up, no matter what is the reason you choose to visit this unforgettable country – JUST DO IT ;).

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